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Box Making Process

Die Cutting Process

Cut board to the appropriate dimensions.

  • Cut board to the appropriate dimensions.
  • After the board is cut, the board is transferred over to the Thompson where the die cutting process begins. Die cutting is the machine process of using pressure and blades to cut the box dimensions to the appropriate size and shape.
  • After all the pieces are die cut, the cut board is transferred over to the Emmeci machines where it will get scrapped out and prepared to go onto the machine.

Paper Process

(Heat Stamping, not Printed)

  • First, we get the dimensions of the box, and determine the size of the paper we need to cut.
  • After we get the dimensions, the paper is cut using a power knife machine.
  • After the paper is cut, we set up the heat stamping machines with the copper stamping die, and the color leafing the customer chose for the color of the logo.
  • The paper is then placed onto the heat stamping machine, where heat and pressure are used to stamp the desired logo onto each individual piece of paper.
  • After all the pieces are stamped, the paper is transferred over to a personal operated machine that cuts the corners and flaps, so the paper is ready to go directly onto the Emmeci machine.

Emecci Machine

Box Completion Stage

  • After the board and paper are ready to go onto the Emecci machine, the operator loads both materials into their proper place on the machine. The Board goes through the part of the machine called a quad. The quad uses a special form that is the exact shape of the box we are making and used to fold up the sides of the box and uses heat and pressure to add tape on all 4 sides of the box.
  • The paper is set up next to the gluer and each sheet is picked up with suction and placed through animal glue.
  • The paper is ran along the belt, and a laser is used to detect the exact spot the machine places the plain box onto the top of the paper.
  • After the box is placed onto the paper, it gets a little more pressure onto the paper before it is folded onto the box.
  • The board and paper are grabbed by the forming machine, and pushed down, then back up, to form the board and paper together, before being ready to get inspected.

Laminating Process

The process for a box to have a special color or paper inside the box.

  • Laminating takes place before the board is die cut.
  • Laminating is a simple process of cutting the cardboard and the paper to the appropriate dimensions. The board and paper should be about the same size.
  • The paper is then put onto a manual machine and ran through a gluer, that applies glue to the side that sticks to the cardboard.
  • Then, we line the cardboard up to the glued sheet of paper and place it carefully to ensure there are no bubbles or wrinkles in the paper.
  • After the paper is placed onto the cardboard, it is passed off to another worker to rub out any bubbles or wrinkles to then be ready to die cut.

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